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Title Publisher Author Date
Investigative Art Taipei Times Dana Ter / Contributing Reporter 2014-09-22
The Majestic Taiwanese Buildings That Only Mosquitoes Call Home Creative Time Reports 2014-03-24
Taipei Artist Shares `Mosquito Spaces` With Indian Students Press Trust of India | New Delhi 2014-01-29
Group Draws Attention To Musquito Hall Issue Taipei Times Shih-Hsui Chuan 2010-10-01
2009 Care To Join The Party? Taipei Times Blake Carte 2009-02-01
Les Galeristes Ca Menage Commu Tricurn De Geneve Etienne Dumont 2008-02-01
Everything Will Fall Into Ruins Taipei Times Albert Creak 2006-10-01
Putting Taipei’s Best Artist On The map Taipei Times Jules Quartly 2006-03-01
Political Statements Made In Raw Language Taipei Times Diana Freundl 2005-02-01
Industrial Decay - Something Taiwan Shouldn’t Forget Pot Free Weekly David Frazier 2004-08-01
History On Its Head Yao jui-chungs Hat Trick: A Book And Two New Shows Pot Free Weekly Susan Kendzulak 2004-02-01
Funny Reflections West Australian Today Carroll Doyle 2001-03-01
Galleries Go With The Flow Taipei Times Peter Anderson 1999-09-01
The Warehouse At The End Of The Century China News Felix Schoeber 1997-04-01