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City Pavilions of the 12th Shanghai Biennale “Proregress”

DURATION: 2018-11-10 ~ 2019-03-10
OPENING: 2018-11-09
VENUE: Swatch Art Peace Hotel
ADDRESS: 23 East Nanjing Road (Bund 19), Shanghai 200002, China
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The press conference of the City Pavilions of the 12th Shanghai Biennale “Proregress” was held at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel on October 26, 2018, giving the public an insight into the “City Pavilions” program of this edition of the Shanghai Biennale. As a cultural namecard of the city, Shanghai Biennale is committed to building a dialogue between contemporary art and the exuberant verve of the city. Launched in 2012, “City Pavilions” program has been an integral part of the Shanghai Biennale ever since. This year, in collaboration with the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Tank Shanghai, Extra Time, Columbia Circle, Sinan Mansion and Town Tall of The Paper, Shanghai Biennale would extend its network to exhibition spaces, cinemas, laboratories and voice-making sites around the city. In the meantime, historical archaeological team and action team would also be dispatched to offering the public an alternative perspective to obverse life and revisit the cultural charisma of the city. The 12th Shanghai Biennale: City Pavilions This year’s Shanghai Biennale would extend its network to various spaces scattered around the city in a nomadic manner. Located at the Bund, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel as one of the City Pavilions of the 12th Shanghai Biennale will open to public from November 9, 2018. “Incarnation”, a solo presentation of Taipei-based artist Yao Jui-chung, will be put on view. Featuring over 300 photographs, 3 videos, installation and painting works, “Incarnation” probes into the concept of “eternal return”, endeavoring to scrutinize the inextricable connections between man, religion, and faith. Tank Shanghai will present “Prussian Blue” by Mexican artist Yishai Jusidman and some recent multimedia works by Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda. About Shanghai Biennale First launched in 1996, the Shanghai Biennale is not only China`s most established and influential international biennale of contemporary art, but also one of the most important biennales in Asia. With its changing theme every two years, the biennale has always taken Shanghai as its primary focus, gathering the most talented and cutting-edge international curators and artists at the pinnacle of the industry, to explore the ultimate connection between urban life, contemporary art and the public. It has also become a large-scale biennale platform in Shanghai for the exchange and exhibition of contemporary art pieces. About Power Station of Art Established on Oct. 1st, 2012, the Power Station of Art (PSA) is the first state-run museum dedicated to contemporary art in mainland China. It is also home to the Shanghai Biennale

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