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Cosmos Comsol

DURATION: 2022-07-02 ~ 2022-08-28
VENUE: Inart
ADDRESS: No.315, You’ai St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan
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The Cosmos— the Wholeness of Time and Space— is the aggregation of all things that exist in a mundane world. This exhibition invites Pan Hsin-Hua, Yao Jui-Chung, and Chen Chun-Hao,to demonstrate their separate cosmology of the Ink paintings. The ink painting manifests every moment and reflects how the artists perceive their minds between the self and the mundane world. The movement in creations embodies the cosmos. Respectively, three artists master the composition of the points, lines and planes, imprinting time upon the painting panels.

Chen Chun-hao constructs classical ink paintings and calligraphy by using "mosquito nails," dismantling the images into tiny points like "Pixels", and arranging the composition of reproducing the mountain streams, clouds and mists, the figures, flowers and plants. He expresses a three-dimensional quality in his artwork to break through the flatness of traditional ink painting and represents the power and nature of the points.

Yao Jui-Chung employs the lines, the exaggerated and decorative iconography, and plenty of gold foil to compose Nature in his work. He creates parodies derived from the ancients and the misplaced history, which abound with a wondrous sight of the juxtaposition of the sanctity and the banality.

Pan Hsin-Hua pays attention to the free expression of medium and chooses to practice the spirit of contemporary creations with ink colors, which differs from the traditional colored ink paintings. In particular, the arrangement of the" plane" is intriguing. By means of various space transformations, he presents the cosmos in a modality of variabilities and multivalence.