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展期: 2016-02-01 ~ 2016-02-06
開幕: 2016-02-01
展場: 香港賽馬會創意藝術中心
地址: 九龍石硤尾白田街30號

CROSSING BORDER︳BORDER CROSSING—INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CROSSING MEDIA 越界︳過渡— 國際跨媒體藝術節 DATE︳FEB 1-7, 2016 JCCAC-HONGKONG (JOCKEY CLUB CREATIVE ARTS CENTRE) VENUE︳L-7-12A MOST Alternative Space, L7 Green Space, Rooftop Garden, L0, L1 Gallery and L1 Central Courtyard inside the JCCAC Art Village (Hong Kong) PRESENTER︳Museum of Site Limited (MOST), a registered non-profit making alternative space based in Hong Kong SUPPORTER︳VA!, JCCAC, HKIED OPENING RECEPTION︳4 FEB, 2016 (18:00) CURATOR︳Andrew LAM The exhibition project aims at presenting the notion of a (city) boundary (i.e. “Hong Kong”) on a cultural x/change platform, embracing the medium of architecture, live performance, painting, photo/sound/video-graphy, mixed-media or installation, defining and redefining the very notion of contemporary art, in the era of border-crossing. CURATORIAL CONCEPTS策展関鏈辭︳概念 (Andrew Lam) Defining and redefining the physical-psychological, visual-conceptual, structural-spatial… boundary, thinking and re-thinking the urban-rural, geo-political, infra︳inter-structural, socio-cultural, virtual-mediated, physical-metaphysical… border in the trans-cultural, cross-territory contexts, and covering and uncovering refreshing perspectives︳structures of thought-form and vision-event connecting the heterogeneity of body-derived art and hybrid-media… CURATORIAL PLATFORM平台— RETHINKING “BORDER” The upcoming dOCUMENTA will align the twin-city (Kassel-Athens) into One Global Culture without border on the one hand, split avant-garde art into diversified platforms on the other…. The recent regional emergency and armed conflict turn refugee wave in continents to demarcate the geo-political confine between Africa, Middle East and Western Europe into a mere symbolic one... The basic struggle for survival surpasses the act for identity… After the Umbrella Movement (2014), Hong Kong is also facing the urgency of border travel and assimilation to China. The festival addresses to the very notion of ‘national border’, which exists in the physical sense, and questions the broader sense of ‘border’ in contemporary art… Will cultural identity be self-existing, if national border disappears? The Festival focuses on live performance and its extended territories in crossing arrays of visual or thought-form…to celebrate human existence in different levels of confrontational reality. RETHINKING THE NOTION OF “BORDER” (i.e. HONGKONG︳ SHENZHEN-CHINA) TRANSGRESSING/ CROSSING THE LOCAL AND GLOBAL CONTEXT AND CONFINEMENT CREATING THE NEW FORM OF ART EMBRACING BODY ACTION, NEW MEDIA, IDEA, VISION… - to define and re-define the concept of “national border”…. A visual research narrating or analyzing the problem or merit of national border in the context of past/ recent refugee wave in HK and East Europe… or - to perceive a cosmopolitan urban, border city “Hongkong-Shenzhen (HK-SZ) or CHINA” as a development, something being co-created and something being co-missed… something co-generating/ co-habiting in something new and interesting…. or - to rethink Hong Kong, Shenzhen or other urban district/ city’s position as a geopolitical symbol of (industrialized) capitalism- an inevitable global phenomenon? or - to initiate or actualize the project as a steering engine for positive dynamism and engaging movement crossing the border and recreating a new form of local learning, culture, tourism, leisure and traveling, and other socio-cultural events in the region of HK or Other City… or - to create a “(alternative) vision” for the border cities/ communities being fortified by art projects with deep, international impact, and follow-up cultural exchanges, etc. … or - to forge a dialogue crossing the boundary of art, history, social reflection, infrastructure and to create pluralism/ diversity/ dynamicism as cultural symbol and reinvigoration of cultural heritage such as CDAV or JCCAC and its geo-eco-political significances by showing its transformation from present to future… or - to revisit a small number of artworks (the past) and realign them with other works or projects (the present) here from various time periods, crossing the boundary of time…. PROGRAMME ︳SCHEDULE DATE 2016 TIME VENUE PROGRAM 1. 3 FEB (Wed) Preferably Morning Artists Arrival HK/ HOSTEL (Airport MTR – Shek Kip Mei MTR) Airport Reception may or may not provide in Feb AM @ Airport PREPARATION EXHIBITION AND LIVE PERFORMANCE IN JCCAC 2. 4 FEB 18:00–21:00 (GRAND OPENING) JCCAC WHOLE BUILDING (AD1970-) (30 Pak Tin Street, MTR Sham Shui Po Station, Kowloon九龍石硤尾白田街30號賽馬會創意藝術中心,深水涉港鐵站B2出口) +852 9802-9440 3D VIDEO WALL PROJECTION 3. 4 FEB 15:00–17:45 JCCAC 1F CENTRAL COURTYARD WHOLE BUILDING OPENING RECEPTION + LIVE PERFORMANCE 4. 4 FEB 21:00-23:00 JCCAC 0F GALLERY 3D SALSA & ELECTRO DANCING PARTY 5. 4 FEB 17:00-17:45 JCCAC 1F CENTRAL COURTYARD WHOLE BUILDING WORKSHOP (1 & 2) 6. 5 FEB 13:00–15:00 JCCAC 1F CENTRAL COURTYARD WORKSHOP︳FORUM (3) L7-19, JCCAC 7. 5 FEB 15:30–17:30 JCCAC 1F CENTRAL COURTYARD, WHOLE BUILDING LIVE PERFORMANCE or VISIT Oi! Oil Street 8. 6 FEB 08:00–11:00 Visit Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Mid-level, Hong Kong (Gather at Youth Hostel Lobby) VISIT THE CITY after 11 am 9. 6 FEB 15:00–17:00 Oi! OIL STREET ARTSPACE (AD1905-) (12 Oil Street, MTR Fortress Hill Station, Hong Kong) Oi! 油街藝術空間, (香港北角油街12號港鐵炮台山站出口) +852 2512-3000 Or JCCAC 1F Central Courtyard LIVE PERFORMANCE 10. 1-7 FEB 10:00-22:00 JCCAC 7F GREEN SPACE INSTALLATION 11. 1-7 FEB 10:00-22:00 JCCAC 1F CENTRAL COURTYARD OR OTHER LOCATION SOUND AND INSTALLATION PROJECT 12. 4-7 FEB 10:00-20:00 JCCAC 1F GALLERY PAINTING, PHOTOGRAPHY, MIXED-MEDIA… 13. 4-7 FEB 10:00-20:00 JCCAC 0F-1F GALLERY DOCUMENTARY EXHIBITION 14. 4-5 FEB 10:00-20:00 JCCAC 0F GALLERY & F7-12A MOST FILM/ VIDEO 15. 7 Feb (Sun) 00:00-24:00 ARTISTS DEPARTURE from HOSTEL/ HK / *7 Feb Flower Night Market opens/ 8 Feb Chinese Lunar New Year begins/ 9 Feb Fireworks at Victoria Harbor 8pm commences ACCOMMODATION/ BREAKFAST (07:00-11:00) FOR MUSEUM OF SITE GUESTS: Hong Kong Youth Hostels SSP YHA Address:Block 41, Shek Kip Mei Estate, 70 Berwick Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon (Sham Shui Po MTR Station Exit B2; 5 min walk from the JCCAC) Tel:(852)3728 3510 / (852) 3728 3512 Email: [email protected] 環境現代藝術館 國際訪客住宿及早餐 (07:00-11:00) 地點: 香港青年旅舍協會 地址:九龍深水埗巴域街70號 (港鐵深水埗站 B2 出口;步行離中心五分鐘) 查詢電話:(852) 3728 3510 / (852) 3728 3512電郵:[email protected] 入住CHECK-IN: Feb 3, 2016 搬出CHECK-OUT: Feb 7, 2016 EMERGENCY: TEL 999 ARTIST︳ 三維影像投射裝置3D VIDEO WALL PROJECTION ON THE JCCAC WHOLE BUILDING OR COURTYARD︳JCCAC︳4 FEB 2016 (18:00–21:00) 1. Victor WONG 黃宏達 (Hong Kong) 建築空間ARCHITECTURE & SITE DESIGN︳JCCAC CENTRAL COURTYARD︳1-7 FEB 2016 (10:00-20:00) 1. Andrew LAM 林漢堅 (Hong Kong) 莎莎及3D舞會SALSA AND 3D DANCING PARTY︳JCCAC L0 GALLERY︳4 FEB 2016 (21:00-23:00) 1. Sound by DJ Simon FUNG (Hong Kong) and DJ Joseph (London) 一人環境劇場︳現場表演SIMULATED︳ENVIRONMENTAL THEATRE︳LIVE & OPENING PERFORMANCE︳ DAY 1 JCCAC (Central Courtyard︳Green Space/ L2…) 4 and 6 FEB 2016 (15:00–18:00) 1. Philippe CHARMES (Hong Kong) 2. Nenad BOGDANOVIC (Curator/ Director of International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF Odzaci) 3. Martin ZET (Prague) 4. Happening Group發生社X Man Li李志文 (Hong Kong) COFFEE BREAK (JCCAC Rm L5-10 The Fighting Blues) 5. MOON Jaeseon文在善 (Seoul) 6. Sarawut CHUTIWONGPETI (Luzern) 7. Patrick JAMBON (Berlin-Paris) 8. Y-SPACE (Hong Kong) 9. OPENSPACE Collective (Michael Stager Director Openspace LIVE Berlin X Emily Kuhnke; Berlin) DAY 2 Oi! ARTSPACE 6 FEB 2016 (15:00–19:00) 1. HE Liping空氣先生(Director LIVE Kunming) 2. REN Qian任前(Chongqing) 3. CUI Tao Meng崔陶夢 (Chongqing) 4. LIU Qing 劉青(Xian) TEA BREAK (Oi!) 5. yuenjie MARU丸仔 (Hongkong) 6. Monique YIM 嚴穎嘉 (Hongkong) 7. Tim TSUI徐兆康 (Hongkong) 8. SHIM Hye Jung申惠中 (Seoul) 9. Megumi SHIMIZU 清水惠美 (Beijing-Tokyo) 聲音裝置SOUNDGRAPHY︳JCCAC L1 Central Courtyard & MOST 1-7 FEB 2016 (10:00-20:00) 1. Eric YAU Wan Kei 邱宏基 (Hongkong) 2. Wolfram SPYRA (Eschwege) 裝置MIXED-MEDIA︳INSTALLATION| JCCAC Central Courtyard or Cattle Depot Art Village 1-7 FEB 2016 (10:00 -20:00) 1. daDa達達 (Zhuhai) 2. Gabrieb LEUNG梁思鳴 (Hongkong) 3. Zhang Kaiqin張凱琴 (Shenzhen) 裝置圖書新系統UNLIMITED LIBRARY LED INSTALLATION︳JCCAC Green Space 1-7 FEB 2016 (10:00-20:00) 1. JAFFE. T謝斐 (Hongkong) 繪畫PAINTING︳L1 Gallery + MOST, JCCAC︳ 4-7 FEB 2016 (10:00-20:00) 1. Sim CHAN 陳閃 (Hongkong) 2. SIDDARTH Choudhary (New Dehli-Hongkong) 混合素材… PHOTOGRAPHY︳MIXED-MEDIA︳L1 Gallery, JCCAC︳4-7 FEB 2016 (10:00-20:00) 1. XIN Wangjun信王軍(Beijing) 2. Sheetal S AGARWAL (Mumbai- Hongkong) 3. Kay Mei Ling BEADMAN (Hongkong) 4. SIU Wai Hang蕭偉恆 (Hongkong) 5. Max CHAN Wang陳泓 (Hongkong) 6. Terry NG吳漢曦 (Hongkong) 7. Enoch CHEUNG張康生(Hongkong) 8. OTTO LI Tin Lun 李天倫 (Hongkong) 9. Jolans FUNG馮文耀 (Hongkong) 10. YAN Lei-HONG Hao顏磊-洪浩 (Hongkong-Shanghai-Beijing) 11. CHEN Chieh Jen陳界仁 tbc (Taipei) 12. XU Tan徐坦 (New York-Guangzhou) 13. OH Jin Sun (Seoul-Incheon) 影像FILM/ VIDEOGRAPHY︳L0 Gallery 1-7 FEB 2016 (10:00-20:00), JCCAC ROOF GARDEN 1︳4, 5 FEB 2016 (19:00-20:30) THEME: CROSSING MEDIA AND BODY: MEDIATED BODY and DOCUMENTARY 1. YAO Jui Chung姚瑞中(Taipei) MOST FEB 1-28 2. Joein LEONG (Macau) L0 or L3 Gallery or L7 MOST FEB 4 3. HYBRID SPACE LAB (Berlin) L7 MOST FEB 4 4. Martin ZET (Prague) L0 Gallery FEB 5 (Bitola, Macedonia)/ Monitor 5. Karin KAPER (Berlin) L7 MOST FEB 5 tbc 6. Victor WONG 黃宏達 (Hongkong) L0 7. CHU Hao Pei 朱浩培 (Singapore) L0 8. WANG Hsin Jen黃新仁 (Taipei) L0 9. CHOI Sai Ho蔡世豪 (Hongkong) L0 10. Nenad BOGDANOVIC (Curator/ Director of International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF Odzaci) L0/ Monitor 文獻展ARCHIVAL PHOTO EXHIBITION| MOST L7-12A, JCCAC, FEB 1-28, 2016 Around 20 Works of historical, one-person, environmental, live, theatrical work of Chinese artists in the last 20 years will be displayed expressing the extended territory of artist’s body in different arrays of visual or concept form. 1. CANG Xin蒼鑫 (Beijing) 2. DA Lai Zhong邸乃壯 (Lanzhou) 3. DAI Guan Yu戴光鬱 (Chengdu) 4. HONG Hao洪浩 (Shanghai) 5. MA Jian馬健 (Beijing) 6. NE Wai Hua倪衛華 (Shanghai) 7. REN Qian任前 (Chongqing) 8. Tozer PAK白雙全tbc (Hongkong) 9. WANG Nan Ming王南溟 (Shanghai) 10. XU Tan徐坦 (Guangzhou-New York) 11. YANG Yong楊勇 (Shenzhen) 12. YAO Jui Chung姚瑞中(Taipei) 13. YU Qi余極 (Chengdu) 14. YANG Zhi Chiu楊志超 (Beijing) 15. ZHENG Li成力(Lanzhou) 文獻展DOCUMENTATION | L1 GALLERY, JCCAC, FEB 4-7, 2016 Around 30 Chinese live artists’ materials will also be collected and donated to Hong Kong Government. 1. CAI Qing蔡青 (Tianjin) 2. Celine LIU劉思麟 (Beijing) 3. CUI Tao Meng崔陶夢 (Chongqing) 4. TONG Wen Min童文敏 (Chongqing) 5. DENG Yu Feng鄧玉峰 (Beijing) 6. FAN XIAO NAN 范曉楠 (Tianjin) 7. GAO Yang高洋 (Tianjin) 8. HE Sheng Yun 何成雲 (Wuhan) 9. HUA Wei Hua華韡華 (Huangshi) 10. HUANG Wen Ya 黃文亞 (Beijing) 11. HUI Ching Ning 許靜寧 (Beijing) 12. LIU Heung Lin劉香林 (Shenzhen) 13. LIU Pei Wen 劉沛文 (Beijing) 14. Craphone LIU Yin Sheng劉寅生 (Taipei) 15. PENG Sheng 彭湘 (Nanning) X PU Yun普耘 (Chengdu) 16. PU Yun普耘 (Chengdu) 17. SHEN Wen Xin沈允慶 (Chengdu) 18. TANG Yu Han唐鈺涵 (Beijing) 19. TENG Sheng Dong鄧上東 (Tianjin) 20. WANG Yin 王影 (Kunming) 21. YANG Te Chung楊德忠 (Nei Monggol-Beijing) 22. YIN Tian Shi 尹天石 (Nanning) 23. FAN Xiao Nan范曉楠 (Tianjin) 24. ZHOU Huan周煥 (桑田) (Kunming) 25. HU Jia Yi胡佳藝 (Ürümqi) 26. Stanley FEVRIER (Montreal) 27. TANG Yi Wei唐奕偉 (Chengdu-Beijing) …Communication, dialogue and exchange of ideas are all means for various forms of power struggle (Foucault)… WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE (1)| NARRATIVE THEATRE 社區故事人- 人仔叔叔講故事: "同道逃園" 1. UNCLE CHILD (Arvin CHENG) 人仔叔叔 (Hongkong) JCCAC Central Courtyard or Another Public Space 4 FEB 2016 (17:00) WORKSHOP PERFORMANCE (2) 周斌行為工作坊 1. ZHOU Bin 周斌 (Director UP-ON LIVE Chengdu) JCCAC Central Courtyard or Another Public Space 4 FEB 2016 (17:30) LECTURE+WORKSHOP (3) 兩岸四地 + 歐洲表演藝術節工作坊| Sharing experience in live art and multimedia festival in China and Berlin| FEB 5 (13:00) | JCCAC L1 Gallery 1. HE Liping空氣先生和麗斌 (Director 5-3 LIVE Kunming) 2. MOK Chiu Yu莫昭如 (DIRECTOR LIVE Hongkong) 3. Nenad BOGDANOVIC (Curator/ Director of International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF Odzaci) 4. NG Fong Chao吳方洲 (Curator LIVE Macau) 5. OPENSPACE Collective (Michael Stager Director LIVE Berlin) 6. REN Qian任前 (Artist LIVE Chongqing) 7. ZHOU Bin周斌 (Director UP-ON LIVE Chengdu) All ARTISTS (Free Admission; First-come-first serviced) EDUCATION TOURS︳guided tours will be provided on request for disabled or wheelchair persons, community groups, students and teacher groups, etc. ADMISSION︳Free NO. OF WORKS︳50+ NO. OF WORKSHOP︳3+ NO. OF 3D DANCING PARTY︳1 NO. OF GUIDED TOUR︳4+ NO. OF SCHOOL VISIT︳1+ TARGET︳PROFESSIONAL AND GENERAL AUDIENCE, STUDENTS WORKING TIMETABLE︳to be worked out by students/ interns CREDENTIALS| ABOUT MUSEUM OF SITE The existence of MOST is emblematic of a parallel voice of the conventional culture, institution and museum. Andrew Lam studied art in Hong Kong and Cambridge and he initiated the provocative collective︳alternative space MOST (Museum of Site), which has been a community-cum-alternative space in Hong Kong since 1994. MOST represents an expanding glocal curatorial purview and innovative platform, aiming to advance insightful perspectives and projects for the art community. MOST’s projects aim to re-contextualize exhibition strategies, re-imagine fresh approach and design in global frameworks and conceive experimental curatorial and museum notions of glocalism. In the last 10 years, Andrew Lam has initiated a dynamic array of curatorial programs for the Museum of Site, 64 Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and MOCA-China in the capacity of curator. MOST’s projects are presented in the Hong Kong Art Biennale (HG), Shenzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art, Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (Shenzhen and HongKong), Tashkent Biennale, Guangzhou Triennial, Gwangju Biennale, MAPP Singapore, ARCO Madrid, Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (HSL), Triennial di Milano (HSL), etc. MOST is also engaged in dialogues with museums, counter-museum initiatives and institutions, including K11, M+ Museum, Education Commission, Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Arts Development Council and is currently negotiating an alternative museum/ public space for dOCUMENTA in the POST-MUSEUM era. Their new, mediated project again crossovers art, architecture, theatre and performance, trajectoring relational aesthetic and activism. Email [email protected] Tel︳SMSl (852) 9802-9440 FACEBOOKl HK LIN INTERNSHIP AREA| TASKFORCE FOR 30 VOLUNTEERING HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION STUDENTS (MUSEUM AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT) TASK| Persons| HRS Each Student (No. of Student each group / 38) WEEK 1 (4/1/2016-) WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 (3,4,5 FEB Important dates) WEEK 5 Hrs Left (Total 30 Hrs each student) OPENING & RUN-DOWN (1) Orientation (0) Guest Invitation (?) BACK-UP OTHERS (/) Reception of Guests (/) Evaluation (1) / EXHIBITION SET-UP (12) Orientation (0) Preparation (?) Preparation (/) Set-up (/) Evaluation (1) / TECHNICAL SUPPORT (4) Orientation (0) Borrow/Loan of Projectors/ Testing (2) Borrow/Loan of Projectors/ Testing (/) Set-up (/) Evaluation (1) / EDUCATION & DOCENT (6) Orientation (0) DRAFTING/ DELIVERY (10) DELIVERY (/) BACK-UP OTHERS (/) Evaluation (1) / EQUIPMENT (4) Orientation (0) BACK-UP OTHERS (2) Purchase of Tools/Support/Set-up (/) Purchase of Tools/Support/Set-up (/) Evaluation (1) / VISITOR-SUPPORT (2) Orientation (0) Booking Hotel (0) INTERNET CONTACT (2) BACK-UP OTHERS (/) Airport Reception, Liaison Support, Site Visits (/) Evaluation (1) / WORKSHOP (3) Orientation (0) Content Design (?) Content Design /Printing/ Talk to artists (/) Projector/ Workshop Set-up (/)/ BACK-UP OTHERS (5) Evaluation (1) / DESIGN LEAFLET POSTCARD BANNER (2) Orientation (0) DESIGN (?) PRINTING (/) BACK-UP OTHERS (/) Evaluation (1) / TRANSLATION (4) Orientation (0) Translation of all PR Materials / Texts (2) Translation of all PR Materials/ Printing (10) Printing & Set-up (/) Evaluation (1) / EVALUATION (1) Orientation (0) BACK-UP OTHERS (0) BACK-UP OTHERS (0) BACK-UP OTHERS (0) Evaluation (2) / TEAM A: EXHIBITION AND ARTWORK CONCEPT UNDER GUIDANCE OF ANDREW LAM TEAM B: TECHNICAL SUPPORT UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF VFX TEAM C: ARCHITECTURAL SUPPORT UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF GROUNDWORKS TEAM D: EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION UNDER PROFESSOR LAM TEAM E: EQUIPMENT, SET-UP, FABRICATION AND DISMANTLE SUPPORT TEAM F: RECEPTION, ACCOMMODATION AND LIASION SUPPORT TEAM G: LAYOUT, EXHIBITION SUPPORTED BY ANDREW LAM TEAM H: WORKSHOP AND EVENT TRANSLATION SUPPORT TEAM I: DESIGN, MEDIA AND PUBLICITY SUPPORT TEAM J: OPENING & INVITATION SUPPORT TEAM K: EVALUATION SUPPORT OBJECTIVE目標 《越界︳過渡》關鏈字 穿越物理性的「國界」或更廣義、精神性的「界線」框架; 以視覺、結構、空間和靈活的定義,重新定義,定位和重新定位都市、農村、 物理、心理、地緣政治、基礎設施、社會、文化、虛擬,媒介導向、...等邊界概念,將在思想的結構和展覽、演出的系統中形塑出來... 在「深/港大都會」一個居住條件快速變幻的年代,邊界不是一個持續的、物理或地區概念,也不是一個固定、借來的空間/ 時間;相反邊界是: • 一個感應心靈、方便想像的心理國度, • 個人能量和存在於空間中的有 (Being) 秩序和無 (Non-Being) 秩序的一項聚焦, • 一種跨越多媒體與活動的心理狀態, • 軟實力的表現,協助定義及重新定義相関而成的建構硬體、及其合法性和權威性, • 一項策略有機地移動中央與邊緣的疆硬界限…… • 越界是一個跨地區的,跨基礎設施的項月,地理及心理上聯繫香港與深圳雙城,或其它雙城, • 越界過渡了活動本質的框架,逾越不同項目、媒體架構、基礎設施、公共藝術、多媒體和各種和市民溝通的非官方平臺, • 越界專注和彰顯了建築與城市發展的視覺效果,一個連接著擴散和滲透在我們物質環境中、不同層次和維度的生活素質 展覽平臺| 「越界」整體也是一個把玩邊緣和中央、概念性的跨藝術方案;它徘迴於穩定與改革,發展與妥協,現實與遠見之中;在稍縱即逝的當下再啟動全球化和本土化的理性對話;讓公眾想想什麼樣的城市條件 (流動/互動/對活…)和都市系統他們曾未創想的,也讓他們通過自身體驗,在自主空間下為地緣文化重新定位/ 再定位,思考怎樣的城市生活才可讓這珠三角旗艦城市在同城化的激烈競爭中持續發展…